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Very few people seriously expect the first house they buy to meet their needs for their whole life.

The truth is that things do and will change. Families grow; tastes change; your buying power gets better. When this happens, the decision is made to look for a house that will be a better fit for your new reality. We’re talking about upsizing.


For some people, the need for a larger home is the result of a change in their purchasing power. For others, a growing family might need more space. For some, it’s not so much about need as choice. You’ve come in to a new phase of your life where you can choose to live how you want.

Whatever your reason or circumstances, buying a bigger house starts with knowing just what you’re looking for.


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When it comes to
there are a few things I like my clients to know:
Number one Reason to Buy a House on Salt Spring Island
Life is

The great thing about helping people who are looking at buying a bigger house is that there’s pretty much always something good going on in their lives. Whether they’ve gotten to the point where they feel like they’re ready to find their dream house or their families are growing to the point where they need more rooms, the sense of fun and excitement is always a big part of the hunt. Of course, whatever the circumstances, finding the right house is always a challenge. It pays to start with the good sense of what you’re looking for and why. That way we can take a good thing and make it better. 

The 2nd Reason to buy or sell your home on Salt Spring Island
Be optimistically

In most ways, there’s not a lot of difference between buying a bigger house and what you went through when you bought your first house. Mainly, it’s about having more confidence in a better sense of what you’re up against. One of my main pieces of advice for everyone is to be optimistically realistic. There are houses on the market, and there’s a house out there somewhere for you. On the other hand, it’s always a challenge to get you the most for what you have to spend, so be confident that you will find something, but understand that you may need to be patient.

The 3rd Reason to Buy A House on Salt Spring Island
Fill the

One thing that’s good to remember when you’re buying a bigger house is that there will be more space to fill. It might sound obvious, but the furniture that filled your old house probably won’t fill this one, or the art from your old house won’t cover the added walls. The needs of your new house mean saving some budget for those post-move purchases that will come up.

The 4th Reason to Sell Your Home on Salt Spring Island
Choose how

Here on Salt Spring Island, Upsizing may involve sacrificing water views or close  proximity to Ganges in order to find a home that has the space and number of bedrooms that you may require. Of course, this does depend on your budget….it could be that your purchasing power will allow you the opportunity to have it all! .

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